computer glasses

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look good. (literally)

Traditional glasses are designed for reading books, not looking at computers.


save your eyes from harmful blue light

  • Holly

    These computer glasses are so affordable and effective! I wear them while editing photos, coding, and just for days when I'm staring at my screen for most of the day (be it my latpop and/or my phone)! They came with a beautiful collapsible case and I couldn't be happier. Love them & cant wait to try more styles!

  • Suzanne

    These glasses have been a lifesaver, especially for my kids. Whether they are on the computer doing homework or having a Netflix or PS4 binge! They have helped my daughters headaches incredibly well too! They look great on & have such a wonderful selection to choose from! Thanks Karch Co.

  • Abby

    These glasses are FANTASTIC. You won't be disappointed. If you have eye irritation, headaches, or you just feel like your eyes are always tired... they are definitely a great help. Especially is you're constantly on your phone, computer, or watching tv. Just using them one day saw a big difference! Worth the money.