our glasses

how it works

The eyewear we produce at Karch protect your eyes from screens; plain and simple. Screens give off a variety of harmful rays which may cause headaches, eye irritation, blurred vision, and even neck and back pain.  Whether it be your computer, television, and/or cell phone, most of us notice various degrees of irritation when we look at screens too often.  There is now a solution.


With the production of new technology at every turn of life, it is evident that new developments and care will be needed for changing habits and practices.  We all have a device. Our eyes are constantly staring at screens. In a recent study reported by CNN, we learn that the average American spends 9 hours and 36 minutes average each day gazing at a screen. 


blue ray technology

Our eyes interpret varying kinds of light when we see. Computers give off a special kind of blue light which causes eye strain.  We all know that ultraviolet rays are terrible for us, and these blue rays are just a step down from this.  

Computer safe glasses reflect this harmful light, rather than allowing it to wreak havoc on your health.  

By spreading stylish looks, we are truly able to preserve your eyes, and health from these rays.  Give it a shot.  Save yourself from hours of irritation.  We know that you have always secretly wanted to wear some cool, stylish glasses anyways-- so you might as well obtain some benefit in doing so.  Protection is the aim, go get some sleek, new frames.